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What Losing Weight The Paleo Way Is Like

  • 1

    Eat Healthy Sources Of Food (The Most Important Key)

    Food is the best medicine for a sick (overweight) body. You’ll be eating natural whole foods that will begin the process of melting your fat away. Because these foods are nutrient dense, you can experience large boosts in energy levels, reduce inflammation, and feel fuller for longer.

  • 2

    Eliminate Bad Foods

    Your body is ill (overweight) from eating too much food. The majority of your weight gain is likely from bad food types. I’m talking processed foods, Fast foods, foods loaded with additives and preservatives, and foods containing high fructose corn syrup and other simple sugars. You MUST eliminate (or greatly reduce) these body fat adding foods.

  • 3

    Eat Whenever You Are Hungry

    You’ll be eating whenever you feel hungry. No more starvation diets. This is because you’ll be eating foods so rich and nutrient dense, you’ll have a hard time over-eating. You may even find yourself struggling to get enough calories. It’s also very hard to ‘gain weight’ eating paleo foods because they typically don’t contain large amounts of fat gaining ingredients.

  • 4

    Count Calories & Carbohydrates

    You’ll be eating a small calorie deficit each day to force your body to take some fat away from your body to use as energy. You’ll also be keeping an eye on your carbohydrate intake as it’s an enormous factor in weight control. Thankfully, keeping track of these two factors is extremely easy.

  • 5

    Aerobic Exercise (Cardio)

    You’ll want to ‘move around’ to get the benefit of melting fat faster. A mix of slow exercises like walking with more intense exercise like interval training is a sure-fire way to slimming down extremely fast. There are MANY ways to incorporate these exercises into your life without taking much of your time.

  • 6

    Lift Heavy Things (Weight Training)

    Many studies show muscle density has been linked to living longer. Along with that, more muscle require more energy from your body to maintain it, which means you’ll be burning more fat while going about the same daily activities – around 3 calories more per extra pound of lean muscle. Plus, more muscle makes you look damn good too Note: Exercising is NOT mandatory, but you can dramatically melt more fat away if you exercise.

  • 7

    Reduce Stress

    You’re super busy and stressed with how demanding life is. It’s a problem we all have. Well, time to relax! You’ll want to find time/activities to relax and de-stress yourself. Stress raises your cortisol levels which can lead to weight gain.

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