Casein Allergy Paleo Casein Free Diet

Casein Allergy Paleo Casein Free Diet

There are many intolerances connected with dairy. Individual’s intolerances are lactose intolerance, milk allergy and casein allergy. Casein allergy is definitely a defense mechanisms disorder. Casein is really a primary type protein present in milk and milk derivatives. You will find 25 proteins present in milk. Two of the most common allergenic proteins are casein and whey protein. Some manufactured meals can contain casein. Casein allergy is much more common in youngsters than grown-ups.

Food that contains CaseinMost kids outgrow the allergy however for some casein allergy continue into their adult years. The defense mechanisms incorrectly alert your body the protein in milk is dangerous. Your body’s reaction may be the discharge of chemical for example histamine. Signs and symptoms could be breakouts, eczema, runny nose, inflamed lips as well as stomach cramps. The more serious reaction is anaphylaxis. Casein allergy comes. Observe that manufactured meals could have casein. Casein allergy necessitates the removal of dairy in the diet. An expert physician ought to be consulted for just about any food allergic reactions. Browse the labels and appearance for casein-free items.

Food that contains Casein:

– Milk

– Cheese

– Yogurt

– Butter

– Margarines

– Frozen Treats

– Bread

– Pastry

– Meals and drinks that contains milk

Hidden causes of Gluten or Casein


-Food additives, malt flavor, modified food starch and etc.

– Burger King Corp Fried potatoes contain milk-derived and gluten

(Reference) wide web/no milk

– Some fast meals

– Some processed meals

-Many vitamins and medicines use gluten as a binding agent

-Some cosmetics

-Lipstick and lip balms


-Postage stamps (only used the self-adhesive

-Play dough

The Paleo Weight loss program is milk, gluten, soy, and preservative free. The Paleo diet is not just another weight loss program, it is a way of life and teaches you to become one with nature and help you achieve overall good health.

Milk consists of fatty foods, and it has calcium. The Paleo diet options to dairy are:

– Almond Milk: Unsaturated fats, lactose-free and consists of calcium

– Coconut Milk: Fatty foods, lactose-free and consists of calcium

– Hazelnut Milk: 75% unsaturated fats

Paleo Cashew Coconut Shake


Coconut Milk is a great cow’s milk plant-based alternative. Consists of no animal fats. Coconut milk is really a saturated fat. Reduced carb milk consists of calcium and a number of minerals and vitamins.


– 3 tbsp . . . . shredded coconut

– 2 tbsp. cashew butter

– 1 cups coconut milk or almond milk

– 2 ripe bananas peeled

– 4-6 fresh mint leaves or 2 Tbsps. dried mint

– 2 tbsp. . . . cinnamon (to taste)

– 2 tbsp. honey (optional honey not permitted in Orthodox Paleo Diet)

– 6 ice



Place all components right into a blender and blend on high-speed for 30seconds.- Serve and Fill up with fresh mint leaves or dried mint.